• Mary Susan Alan

    Mary Susan Alan

  • Deborah Pollard

    Deborah Pollard

  • Ricardo Salvador

    Ricardo Salvador

    Director and Senior Scientist, Food & Environment, Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Anthony Caldeira

    Anthony Caldeira

    You can join me in my journey on my youtube channel and please subscribe šŸ™ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC896Nck3jJc9ese4u7q-RZg

  • Lisa Misch

    Lisa Misch

  • BobbyRettew


    Award winning storyteller, educator, and advocateā€¦finding, telling, and sharing great stories!

  • Alnajda Kadi

    Alnajda Kadi

    Teacher by day, writer by night. Always curious, a forever learner.

  • fractional COO

    fractional COO

    Former Director of Supply Chain and now Fractional COO, Sprint Triathlete, mom, pet parent , aspiring yogi, and lover of life and life in KC

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